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Donations, Investing, and ICO

If you have already donated, Thank you. This pertains to you as well as future investors:

Donating or Investing in us now ensure profit in your future

With our latest project, has never been done before... Our Way. Others have tried, mostly failed. But we have 3 factors for income in our newst project

ICO? Investing? Donating?

When you invest or donate to us right now, we are running whats called an ICO. In short, you receive a % of our cryptocurrency (now and future) until you "buy out" similar to stock

Which Crypto Currency?

Thats the big question: BTC, ETH, XMR are the big up and commers. Then theres LTC, XMP, and way too many to go on. We go with what has proven to work. Speculation is a different section.

Mining - Passive Income

Our new project features 2 types of mining: Cloud Mining, and Regular Mining. Cloud Mining, you choose the hashrate and pay the time contract. Regular mining you buy the rig and run it yourself (or rent space from us to run it for you)

Tech headaches?

Simple Media Promotions can help! Call our Professional Consultants now:


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or send us an email.

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