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              How can I buy Bitcoin               (and other coins)?

You can purchase Bitcoin with USD and other non-digital currencies (which sometimes are called “fiat” currencies). It’s possible to do online through your bank; you just have to find the appropriate online wallet for your area.


Here is where we step in. We create a secure, hardware wallet for you (and of course give you the cedentials to restore it) and discuss which coin options would be best for you. You can try your luck at day trading, but our current clients are looking at it more of an investment. Bitcoins are sitting at around $2600 per BTC right now, and analysts are predicting that within 10 years they will be worth $100,000 each


You will be able to see a graph, as well as our 'ticker' that constantly updates bitcoin price.


These features are currently being added to our website, but if you would like to get started today we are already working with over 200 clients and growing. Please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have, as well as get you started investing in your future!


Passive Income

If you are not ready to invest and sit on the coins as they gain value, but wish to reveive passive income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - We do have our Mining Service Availalbe. This basically you buy what is called a miner, for a one time purchase it will continually 'mine' coins for you. Depending on the miner, we have clients making up to $1000 per month per miner.* This is the route that I, Scott Smith the Owner of Simple Media Promotions, am currently taking. 


As more and more of our clients invest in miners, we are able to upgrade our infrastructure which means more profit for you. I would suggest this route, though the ROI is about 3-4 months, after that is pure profit at which time you can sell the coins or again sit on them for years until they reach the $100,000 mark.


If you would like to continue with this way, please contact us as we would be happy to answer any questions and set everything up for you.

*These results are of our top end miners, your results may vary depending on the miners that are chosen.

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